The Rolfing® Structural Integration method looks at the complexity of the human through many different lens to understand how the parts interact to make the whole.  It is a philosophy that seeks not to fix, but to inform and provide feedback.  The approach includes a range of touch from light to deep, the goal of which is to provide new kinesthetic experience and a new way of feeling and sensing into the body.  The sessions are anything but passive for the client.  Instead, the client participates with movement, breath, insights into bodily sensations and shifts, and presence.  

Rolfing® looks at movement patterns and postural tendencies and strives to create change and develop self-awareness about these tendencies.  It takes into account some of the myriad factors that shape our physical identity: activity, stressors, injuries, habits, beliefs, and present attitudes.  The goal is to investigate the contributing factors of your chronic aches and/or tensions to develop an understanding of their nature.  The body has inherent wisdom about how it can heal, and my goal is to give the necessary input and space to allow the inherent self-correction ability and regulation to take place.  What results is a body that can move with greater ease, grace, and fluidity. 

Each session in a traditional Rolfing® Ten Series is a lens through which we view a specific relationship in the body-without losing sight of the whole.  Each session builds upon the preceding ones in an elegant system of exploration.  Key to the success of these explorations is time spent within the session to integrate the work done-so that the client owns the changes evoked.  Then, it can be carried out into the ceremony of life.